Archeological museum

The Archaeological Museum is located at Garitsa, just a few minutes away from the Old Town of Corfu. With a rich collection of findings throughout the island, this is the place where Gorgon Pediment, a fine sculpture of archaic style, is found. There is a long frieze where Medusa is depicted, along with her children and some other imposing figures. There are also several other findings that are on display at the Archaeological Museum, such as an archaic lion. This was found near the tomb of Menecrates and has been estimated to be from the 7th century BC. The temples of Hera and Apollo are also superb findings, transferred from Mon Repos.

Casa Parlante

Casa Parlante is indeed one of the most prominent and distinctive historic museums in Corfu. This is a mansion from the 19th century that constitutes a superb setting where life in the past was vibrant and filled with excitement. It is located in the picturesque Old Town, depicting everyday life from the 1800s in the most eloquent manner possible. There is splendid representation of the buildings and the landscapes of that time, along with absolute respect to tradition. You may see the traditions and customs that have survived till our time and get that unique experience that involves all of your senses.

Byzantium Museum

Panagia Antivouniotissa Church houses the Byzantine Museum in Corfu. Post-Byzantine religious art is displayed there, along with influences from Crete and the wider area of the Ionian Islands. Among its findings, visitors may admire early Christian sculptures, Byzantine frescoes and a collection of icons, which stretches from the 15th to the 20th century.

Museum of Asian art

Located at the Palace of St. Michael and St. George, this museum boasts thousands of pieces dating from the Neolithic Age to the 19th century. Superb artefacts from China and Japan, as much as impressive items from Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand, Tibet and Korea are all there for you to enjoy. The Hellenic-Buddhist collection includes sculptures from Gandhara in Pakistan, highlighting the influence of Greeks on Buddhism.

Solomos museum

This is the house of Greece’s national poet, Dionysios Solomos. He wrote the National Anthem of Greece, along with many other poems and significant masterpieces of literature.  In this house, there are spectacular details that will depict the life of this prominent writer, such as the table where he used to write and multiple personal items.
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