Iasonas and Sosipatros

The Church of Iasonas and Sosipatros, located at the Anemomylos suburb , is one of the oldest and best preserved examples of a  two-pillared cruciform church with an octagonal dome of the Middle Byzantine period. It dates back to the 11th century and has a number of invaluable icons of the Cretan School painted by Michail Damaskinos and Emmanouil Mpouniali-Tzane.


Paleokastritsa Theotokos Monastery is a 13thcentury monastery built on the ruins of old fortifications and offer home to a few monks. The monastery is beautifully located on the top of a hill overlooking the turquoise crystal clear waters of Paleokastritsa. The monastery consists of a small church with beautiful roof paintings and lots of Icons, well kept gardens, an old olive press, a small museum of Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons and a collection of vestments, holy books, religious items and utensils.

Saint Jacob – Duomo

Saint Jacob – Duomo Since 1632 it has been the Catholic Cathedral. It was restored after the bombing of 1943. It is an elegant building with a typical 17th century baroque curve in its gable, a laced Gothic tower and a tall bell tower.

Saint Spyiridon Church

Saint Spyiridon Church
A famous Greek Orthodox Church situated in the old town of Corfu is Saint Spyridon Church. Dating back to the 1580s, this is the place where the relics of Saint Spyridon are found. This is indeed the patron of the Island, making this church the most distinct among all others on the island. The legend dictates that in 1489 the relics of both Saints Spyridon and Theodora Augusta were sent to the island of Corfu from Constantinople, following the end of the Byzantine Empire.

The Synagogue

The synagogue, (the only one who survived the Allied bombing during the second world war), is one of the finest in Greece. It is called the Scuola Greca (or Tempio Greco) and can be dated to the 17th century. It is built in the Venetian manner with the main (ground) floor reserved for community offices, common rooms, and, behind them facilities for a communal Sukkah , as well as a room for preparing bodies for burial. The synagogue proper is on the first floor. Location: 4, Velissarianou St., in the old quarter of Corfu


Vlacherna The monastery, which dominates the small piece of land under  Kanoni ,is devoted to  Virgin Mary Vlachernon and dates back to the 17th century. Vlacherna is the most famous landmark of Corfu.
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