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Each and every one of our guests, no matter of age, skills and energy levels, deserve to engage in activities that will help them relax, free their mind and enjoy themselves whether trying something alone, with their friends and family or significant other. Aeolos Beach Resort has arranged a great array of activities for all ages and preferences to help its guests fully recharge both their spirit and mind. From daily workouts or hours relaxing in the sauna, to invigorating games and sports such as tennis, padel tennis, ping pong, beach volleyball and boccia, darts, water polo and aqua aerobics, choices for entertainment and leisure are endless. So, get ready to gear up, have some fun and create memories to cherish for life.
  • Fitness Room: Keep up your fitness routine at our fully equipped Fitness Room and feel more energized than ever.
  • Sauna: Enjoy a sauna session to relax, detoxify, rejuvenate your skin and free your mind.
  • Tennis Court: What a great way to have fun while remaining fit! Our tennis court welcomes guests to play, compete or simply train while enveloped by majestic surroundings.
  • Ping Pong: If you prefer to exercise and still have fun indoors you are welcome to play a set of ping pong in our specially designed ping pong area.
  • Beach Volleyball: If you long for the beach, what a better way to enjoy the sand and the sun than a game of beach volleyball.
  • Boccia: Are you familiar with Boccia? It is the ultimate precision ball sport ideal for sharp minds and sharp shooters. Ready to try?
  • Aqua Aerobic: What a better way to exercise and at the same time refresh your spirit than an aqua aerobic session.
  • Water Polo: For those who love the water, water polo is indisputably a marvellous way of keeping fit. Have fun with your friends and family, while working out intensely under the water.
  • Darts: Do you like precision? If so, you should definitely play some darts over the holidays! Spend quality time with your family and friends and turn the game into a fun competition.
  • Padel Tennis: Try a game of Padel tennis, a sport combining the best elements of tennis, squash and racquetball. Get ready to test your skills, socialize and have fun!
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